Equipment Lines

Heatstar by Enerco: Industrial heaters

Custom Solution: Equipment curbs

Friedrich: Ductless, PTACS, Vert-I-Pak, RAC

Professional Service and Installation Tools

Amprobe: electrical and environmental test tools

CPS: refrigeration installation and service tools

Fluke: electrical and environmental tools

Supco: specialty installation tools

Indoor Air Quality

EWC Controls: zoning panels and dampers

ACE Chemical: coil cleaners and treatments

GeneralAire: humidifiers, filters and UV lights

Glasfloss: complete line of filtration products


Manufacturer Partners

CPS Manifolds, gauges, vacuum pumps, refrigerant recovery.

ComStar Refrigerants and industrial chemicals. RS-44b drop-in replacement for R-22.

Custom Solution: Adapter curbs, equipment rails, access hatches.

Enerco Infrared tube heaters, portable heaters, high intensity infared heaters.

EWC Controls Zoning panels, dampers, thermostats.


Fluke and Amprobe Electrical test tools. Multi-meters, amp clamps, imagers.

Friedrich: Ductless, PTACS, Vert-I-Pak, room air conditioners.

GeneralAire UV, air filtration, humidifiers, dehumidifiers.

Glasfloss Air filtration products, commercial and residential.

Great Lakes Copper Linesets, ACR and copper tube.

Reflectix Reflective duct wrap, acoustical liner, radiant floor,

return air panning.

Supco Igniters, data loggers, hard starts, vacuum gauges.


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