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Our Approach

We work with all levels of distribution– from training at tech schools and unions, to interacting with contractors to educate their techs, and supporting our wholesale distribution partners– to calling on specifying engineers and even OEMs at times. Education is key.  Education for ourselves and all involved in the process of manufacturing and distribution.

Our Story

In 1980, Halfpenny Sales launched as a one man operation in Des Moines, IA. Before long, operations moved south to Rayville, MO where the agency was headquartered for many years.  The business expanded as did the agency, and today we have four full time sales people. Three are on the road and one inside person. We cover Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, southern Illinois, N. and S. Dakota with a variety of product lines.  Our offices in Kansas City, St. Louis and Des Moines allow for easy access to all major metropolitan areas in the territory.