Professional Representation

After forty plus years in the business, we like to think we have seen most things the territory has to offer. However, we are constantly striving to learn and stay current with technology. Whether it is through certifications, sales training or visiting installations and job sites, we are always looking for self-improvement.

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Exceptional Manufacturer Partners

We only align ourselves with the best.  Our manufacturer partners are more than just a name on our line card.  Halfpenny Sales is synonymous with the brands of the products we take to our wholesale partners. We stake our reputation on the quality and ethics of the manufacturers.

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Complete Coverage

With our main office in the Kansas City metro, we have quick and easy access to the midwest states we cover.  Have business up and down the Mississippi? We've got that covered too with our St. Louis, MO office. Our Lincoln, NE office gives us greater coverage in the northern parts of our territory.

KS, MO, Southern IL, NE, IA, N and S Dakota.

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Partner with Halfpenny Sales

We are a diverse group with a range of skills for a rapidly changing industry. The one thing in common? Years of sales experience. The thing that never changes is a personal connection with distributors and contractors.  We've spent years connecting in our communities with dealers, builders, educators, engineers and designers.

As an independent rep agency, we pride ourselves in being the ultimate facilitator to bring together manufacturers, distributors, dealers and even end users. You have to know how a product is made, sold, installed and used.  That's why we never miss an opportunity to attend a training or take an opportunity to learn a new skill.

We realize that manufacturing and distribution are evolving with the global economy. Rep firms should evolve right along with them.